Our Supportive Employment Program Platform

Our Supportive Employment Program platform is central to the way we work here at Harmony House, featuring strength-based and community initiatives with informed self-advocacy in a supportive environment. Like everything here, it is Dynamic, Adaptive, and Integral. The power of the platform lies in its dynamic flexibility which affords our Members almost infinite customization in addressing their Consumer-based goals. Its self-integration is robust, meaning that all aspects of the platform interact with all other other aspects, giving us constant feedback on our progress at any level of granularity. Let’s take a look…

Structural Overview

This overview of the Social Architecture of our SEP Platform is painted in broad strokes and shows that it is an open system. As such it relies on input from the outside, accessing this at two points (Left and Right on the Chart). 

The left-side input point (‘Community Network’) features our SEP Community Initiative Services, which are our interactive portals facing the public Communities. These Communities are various and include the Business Leadership Community (including local community businesses), that aspect of the Community-at-Large which offers private opportunity for our program members (odd-jobs, handy man, repair work, light moving, lawn maintenance, etc.), and Community Access to our SEP in addressing the Employment needs of the Community. All of these aspects lie outside our in-house offices but interface with us via our Community Initiative service portal.

The right-side input portal (‘Platform Network’) features our Membership and User Network Platforms. These Networks are very important and extend our connectivity into our Secure Community platform, our Agency and Professional Network platforms as well as any other virtual connectivity affordances that we institute. This side is both Virtual and Secure, while the left-side is Personal, Analog, and Complementary.

The Interior (‘Provider Facility’) features our In-House programmatic services; alongside our programmatic training courses, and Membership Placement privileges.

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Physical Integration (into the Local Communities)

Our Strategic Initiative is built upon a multi-tiered structure. This layered feature extends to our SEP platform, both ‘physically’ and in our organizational structure.

Physically, Harmony House is located at just the right access point for those of our members who are riding public transportation as well as those of us who generally walk to work and to appointments (incl. bicycle, etc.). Our location at the Rison Street facility is within eyesight of Main Street in uptown Danville VA. We are only a short walk from the Hospital Complex (with its extensive grounds, annexes and food services adjuncts). And a mere quarter mile more (across the bridge) is Averett University (with its extensive, grounds, facilities, annexes, and food services). If you walk the other direction from Rison, you quickly encounter the Downtown District (with all its buildings, shops, business, and eateries). This convenient pedestrian access is a major plus in reaching numerous potential job and employment opportunities.

Harmony House is situated at the perfect juncture in the midst of older neighborhoods and private dwellings (with their on-going needs for gardening and lawn maintenance services) and apartment complexes and warehouse/industrial facilities (that are in constant need of janitorial and cleaning services). Just off Main Street in Danville Va, are any number of small businesses and shops that are perfect for small-business opportunity and start-ups). While down by the Dan River are the new River District enterprises (that feature Specialty Shops, Catering and Events and even eCommerce opportunities).

All of these Communities exist in the Network Context and it is because of the inter-connectivity of these Professional , personal and Business networks that we maintain an active and vibrant liaison with all of them. That puts us in position to offer our clients the best possible placement for optimal success.

Of course, the Interior of our Day facility (Harmony House 515 Rison Street Danville VA) is the place where our training and courses take place, alongside our In-house internships and employment options. In-house placement is reserved for our Membership but non-members may access our SEP recruitment, assessment, and Community placement services, according to our current policy (see below).

New Intake Flow-Chart

The SEP platform is designed to flow effieciently with minimal headache and exertion. There should not be a whole lot of difference between the new Platform and what we are currently doing, in terms of labor intensity. The SEP manager will be relieved to know that her workload increase should be minute, if any. 

This is per the 3 phase plan that we adopted early on. And it relates to phases one and two only. The incorporation of phase 3 admittedly does call for extra adjustments in practically all aspects time, labor, as well as expenditure. In light of these factors a special 8 phase plan (see below) has been devised that paves the way for an easy and incremental adjustment, according to scale. Components can be scaled in and out at will , according to changing needs and dynamically customizable in every aspect.

Dynamic 8 Stage Plan

Our custom designed 8 stage plan is dynamic and scalable according to need. Moreover, it is non-linear and independently non-binary. We have purposed it this way so as to remain emergent as its evolving context accrues momentum. Phase 3 of our SEP will require examination of our current assumptions, as well as our commitment to leadership capabilities. This would seem to require slight restructuring as well as added budgetary allowances. Though none of this should result in radical departure from our present operations, our scope of service would see dramatic increase. In fact, there are ways and means of accomplishing this on a shoestring and the result would still be spectacular.