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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Harmony House. It is a great privilege to be the Executive Director of such a thriving community of excellence, where high aspirations and a caring ethos of wellbeing are at the heart of what we do.

Jim Bebeau, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), is the Executive Director of Danville-Pittsylvania Community Service (DPCS), an organization providing community-based treatment and prevention services for those with behavioral health or developmental disabilities. Holding an undergraduate psychology degree from Hampden-Sydney College, a graduate counseling degree from Longwood College, and post-graduate work at Lynchburg College, he has extensive experience in behavioral healthcare and has worked in various capacities at DPCS since 1994. Jim is a native of Danville and has a strong commitment to the community.

bebeau (700px)
Jim was voted Top Director in the Southeast 8 years running.

Jim Bebeau

Executive Director (DPCS)

Harmony House is a wonderful place to work. My colleagues are smart, kind, and supportive. The facility is well organized and efficient. But what keeps me coming back are the wonderful members I get to lead and learn from every day. They are in the right hands.

Unique Commitment

Early on Jim’s commitment to seeing new initiatives through resulted in the completion of the Agency’s Foundation House, which provided a place for persons in crisis to stay rather than the hospital. Before this the only option was the hospital and Jim’s strong commitment to Community Initiative resulted in one more opportunity for a safe and stable alternative to get community members through a crisis.

Another of Jim’s Community Initiative goals involves facilities that can deal with an aging population that will need more medical care and special transportation needs over time.

Jim is ahead of the curve in founding a Green Agency as well, advocating for the conversion of the tons of paperwork generated by the agency into more efficient electronic records.

Jim’s highly endorsed Business and Interpersonal skills and Industry Knowledge have been instrumental in securing innovative and crucial funding for our Commitment to Excellence, Community Initiative, and Leadership Context platforms. The following are some of Jim’s uniquely qualified merits:

    1. Fundraising (9 endorsements)
    2. Grants & Grant Writing (28 endorsements!)
    3. Event Planning (5 endorsements)
    4. Leadership Development (5 endorsements)
    5. Program Development (14 endorsements)
    6. Community Outreach (9 endorsements)
    7. Volunteer Management (5 endorsements)
  • As you can see, everything about our Community Initiative and Commitment to Excellence platforms revolve around these special interests of our Executive Director and CEO

Meet Our Facility Director

Chaquita Griffin (LPC)
Day Treatment Services Coordinator

for Supervising Programs to include Psychosocial Day Treatment, Mental Health Skill Building, and Supportive Employment Program

Our core treatment engine is crucially dependent upon Chaquita’s long and knowledgeable experience (20 years with DPCS) and her programmatic ambassadorship is what drives our Leadership Context and Commitment to Excellence Initiatives.

Chaquita holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Old Dominion University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Longwood University.  Her post-graduate training includes Licensing as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), as well as being a Certified Pre-Screener.

Chaquita has extensive working experience from her  varied positions in Behavioral Health and we rely on this experience and guidance to navigate the complexities involved in our daily Community Service practice.

Chaquita's Avatar (until we get her picture)

A committed family of professionals

Chaquita has been instrumental in guiding our Team Building efforts as we move toward our Community Engagement Initiatives powered by our Commitment to Excellence.
From her Leadership Context she is able to project Thought Leadership and Influence into our Professional Network Community Liaison. It is through her strong but supportive nurture that the whole project has come together. She has assembled a great team but we have appreciated her experienced leadership.

Leadership in Advocacy is about empowerment: giving bright, dedicated people the opportunity to have an impact. People want to make their ideas happen; being listened to and making a contribution. Chaquita commands great Advocacy Leadership in these respects.

Tina Scott
Cheri Keene

Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a key part of the Commonwealth’s pledge to your care when you are recovering from a serious mental illness. PSR is designed to help you recover and get your life back. Recovery helps you to live, work, learn, and have good relationships. You can fully be part of your community while managing your symptoms.

PSR is a treatment approach designed to help improve the lives of people with disabilities. The goal of psychosocial rehabilitation is to teach emotional, cognitive, and social skills that help those diagnosed with mental illness live and work in their communities as independently as possible.

Wanda PS 1

Wanda Breedlove

Central to our ability to provide for a more inclusive environment for community integration is our Supportive Employment Program. With a wealth of Integrative Community Initiatives, we have the flexibility and connections to appropriate relevant contexts in the satisfaction of particular strengths and needs.

Anita CPT 1

Anita Graves

In addition to the current management of logistical transfer, we’re moving toward a Reintegration and Rehabilitation Initiative which includes:

  • Helping our Members Integrate into Harmony House and to the Community at large
  • Getting appropriate housing or arranging for apartment placements as needed, initially or over time
  • Reintegration into Harmony House (and/or Community) following Crisis Stabilization or Hospitalization
  • Completing trainings and getting a GED, or applying to Community College and other Educational Opportunities, etc.

While some of these duties are currently assigned to other facets of the continuum in a broad sense, we feel like we know our Members best and are able to offer the personal touch and caring support that distinguishes our commitment to service excellence and leads to our renown Member satisfaction; and to deliver this kind of support at a granular level on a day-to-day basis.

Peer Recovery

The Peer Recovery Specialist has experiential knowledge about what it’s like living with the difficulties of MH/SA and what it takes to demonstrate long-term successful recovery, from a personal standpoint. To that end, the Peer Specialist is strong in the beliefs and principles of the Peer Movement itself. You are not alone and there is hope for Recovery. Become a part of the Movement.

Strong Professional Coalitions

Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services is at the Leading Edge of the New Model of Social Welfare Organization


Sophia Miller

Chief Editor, Virginia Coalition

“my professional association with Harmony House has enabled me to engage my professional community because it is the premier Network Hub of Southern Virginia”


Michael Morris

CSB Compliance, Alumni 2015

Start Your Career Today

We are constantly recruiting interested professionals for our Nationally acclaimed program.
We are proud to promote the professional development of our staff and membership.
We develop graduates of our programmatic services and volunteers from our community as well.

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