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Our Most Popular Lessons

Harmony House holds classroom sessions every day of the week (in addition to recreation and other fun activities).

Classroom at Harmony House is an excellent way to hone your knowledge. Our expert instructors are veritable fountains of wisdom and experience. You can learn so much, you’ll feel like a professor yourself. 

You see, the modern world is complex and today’s social services consumer is very well informed about her own issues and everything else. Nobody knows more about yourself than you. Our classes are designed with you in mind, to help make you an informed consumer…an expert on you.

Of course, nothing is quite like being here in person (and you might miss the drawings on the board as we illustrate various points) but you can sample the lesson text right from your browser. happy 'bout learning


What makes an individual gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning.

Learning by involvement

Learned Experiences count for something in the Peer Movement because they contribute greatly to your personal narrative. Over time, your personal story will become one of your most important resources in your road to successful recovery.

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Online Courses

We have put together a Learning Management System featuring the material from our most popular classes. Members may access this material free of charge. We have recently added an option for the non-member community to access. Any good rating will go far toward our Community Engagement Initiative.

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Computer Literacy

Don’t let unfamiliarity with a personal computer trip you up or hold back your earning abilities. Never turn down a digital opportunity again with our most popular skills course!

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Personal Branding and On-line presence

In today’s world, if you want to go somewhere better, you need web credibility. Learn how to establish yourself as an online authority and present your personal brand.

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Networking For Beginners

Everything that happens gets there via connections. Get digitally connected with online social media and networking for business and personal pleasure.

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Peer Movement & Psycho-social

We teach over 12 new classes every week in the areas of Peer Recovery and Psycho-social Rehab. You can access our portfolio of on-going classes in this series with one low fee.

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I Believe In The Value Of New Ideas In Our Community

You can't solve today's problems with yesterday's old tired ideas. We need new concepts, generated from our own community wisdom.

Take part in our community rap sessions and help generate the thought-swarm that will liberate us from impediments to success and self fulfillment.


For admission and assessment related queries,
you can directly contact our facility by the contacts below

Program Info

1 434 799 0456

Student Emergency

1 434 799 0456

Admissions email:

Get Engaged in the Atmosphere of Community Involvement

Whether you participate as an active member, an online participant, or a community mentor, the Harmony House Community is important to our present-day needs and to our future as a whole. Get involved and help build a better world.

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