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Something cool is always going on in the Harmony House environment. Below are just a few of the many exciting examples of what’s happening now.

Behavioral & Emotional

Getting Better

A connected life that is fulfilling and meaningful is a healthy life. Scientists recognize a ladder of needs where the basic steps must be satisfied at the ground-level before we ascend the rungs to the top. Whereas brooding in isolation leads to misery and problems, togetherness features Health and Wellbeing. Health is Wealth and Wellness is fun.

Community Engagement

Communities exist on all levels in all time-frames. They learn, adapt and grow.  From the membership community of peers, to the professional community, to the community at-large, all aspects of community benefit synergistically via our Community Engagement Initiative.

Social Science

Evidence Based Programs

The mental health field has witnessed a growth of research-based controlled studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of consumer-operated programs.

Consumer-valued outcomes of wellness promotion have laid the groundwork for wellbeing, hope, empowerment and recovery.

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