Special Outings with good times & friends

A large selection of hobbies and craftwork (taught in classes…with ample supplies)

Shopping About Town

Clothes Closet & Shopping at Thrift Stores like Goodwill, etc.

Bowling (once a week)
Everybody's favorite!

Plenty of Activities for Fun & Personal Development

Crafts and Hobbies

Lots of Members enjoy doing things with their hands and take them home or donate them to the cause. However, there are some crafts that are conducive to selling in an on-line shop or around town at local craft fairs. Extra pocket is a plus.

Serious Arts for the Artist

We have a number of serious students of the fine arts; a few have even been to art school. While we support avocational  art as healthy and creative, the top notch artist can also develop her muse into a small business opportunity.

Skilled Musicians

Learning to play a musical instrument takes dedication and discipline. If you are committed, there are opportunities to develop your musical accomplishment in piano or guitar.

Music Appreciation

Member-led groups, such as Music Appreciation, provide outlets for personal expression and immersion in your favorite commercial idiom. Spontaneous, free-form dancing is a common occurrence.

Picnics, Cookouts & BBQ

Join in the good-times with your friends and fellow members at our special events cookouts. The food is great and there are lots of fun activities to pass the day.

Colorful Quote Calendar
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