About Us

Harmony House is one of the top Member-run Day Facilities in the Nation. Our Community Engagement Initiatives are Award Winning for their Innovation and Excellence. Our Professional Development and Network model serves as a training ground for Agencies all over the Southeast.

Our Award winning programs range from our innovative Community Engagement Initiatives to our Staff development training and Professional Network Syndicate.

Community House has one of the highest member rated satisfaction scores in the region. We are constantly in touch with our membership about ideas and areas of both satisfaction and improvement.

Our innovative approach to internal development and Community promotion has resulted in a Nationally recognized program of excellence. Our Occupational readiness program is fully integrative with our Community Engagement initiative programs.

Much of our annual budget has been converted through National Grants and Leadership Awards. The Nation-Builders Foundation for Service Excellence has tripled its funding for the fourth consecutive year.

Our focus is on maintaining an environment of Leadership Excellence. In this context we have exceeded all state mandated requirements and become the standard for new innovations in client-oriented services in the Nation.

This is the entranceway to our facility during the Thanksgiving holiday break last year.

Our goal

We provide psycho-social rehab, wellness/recovery action plans, group engagement, one-to-one interaction, structured independence, and activities.

James Bebeau, executive director of DPCS, said Harmony House provides day treatment for people who struggle in their daily lives with mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, and psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia.

We currently have about 45 active members who utilize our services daily for an average of five to six hours a day.

Our members take classes in a variety of subjects, including current events, budgeting money, health education and social skills; get job training and help finding a job; and use the gym and other facilities to relax and socialize.


I’ve been a regular at Harmony House for 5 years now and I can’t tell you how much my life has improved. I love it here.

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